IW133 - A Belief stronger then the other inspires every cell into a Mergence with the Mind


Hello Son,

A Belief stronger then the other inspires every cell into a Mergence with the Mind

A foundation of belief is dependent upon your need to succeed; do you wish to succeed or carry on with your normal routine?

This answer is one you can only answer.

If you are reading these words then you are awakening or have awakened; now it is also dependent how awake you are too.

To open the door is a progress for your spiritual development; it is the time now to walk through these doors into a realm of dimensional changes. These changes are for the betterment for you and your souls journey, your real body.

When the conscious wakes up, our cells do as well, and they start recalibrating to your mind's frequency so that you can analyse and communicate with them.

However, it is like growing a seed and nurturing it into a full plant and even a tree. Sometimes there could be a rapid growth or a slow one built around experiences.

This is dependent upon YOU, and your own personal journey and the choices you make.

When a cell opens up, it releases energy and a vibration that needs calibrating to the tune of the body. These cells may be a different tune to you, so for that reason a struggle can take place to let go of your ambience at the time.

This ambience is a misleading one, because it is third dimensional based and lower in vibrations.

When the cell's energy connects, a moment of realisation is experienced. This intensity is also dependent of that person's awakening, and how tune he is, to his SELF.

We assume that knowledge is coming from above, in space; which is true; from the universal consciousness. But a library is also present in YOU. For the cells contain all the information and much more for your journey through all the dimensions.

Each dimension you travel, more awakenings occur, and this is a transitional period in each realm travelled. So be patient, and practice raising one's own vibrations to speed up the process.

The harvest is now and you are watering your own personal SELF.

Your mother; inspire and achieve what is your RIGHT.