IW130 - Understanding Attraction


Hello Son,

Understanding Attraction

Attraction is like a magnet, and a circuit that flows smoothly from one end to the other thus completing a circuit.

If two are the same, then it would repel and no attraction would take place. The emotional body would also reject it as a foreign body. We too would have negative thoughts to get rid of a person or even a thing/item.

It is not about relationships, its about everything too.

If we pause for a moment and analyse why there are some things we want to eat and others we don’t; this too is attraction and moving towards what we need.
The soul requirements are exact and the needs are precise too. When we do not have this connection then we either have less of something we need or the opposite to over indulge.

Often just a voice from the spirit can divert situations from becoming costly to the emotional body. But often we go through trials of experiences before we understand.
This route is too long and we learn our lessons late too.

If we understood that the call and guidance from the soul actually protects and serves the body from non attractive elements and even situations.

Its is a person's psyche and approach in life that he is able to listen when the need arises; but the enlighten ones would say, be in tune all day and night, it is wise to do so.

And so it is.

Your mother; understand wisely and be undeterred.