IW132 - DNA Transformation and Programming Part 2

Hello Son,

DNA Transformation and Programming Part 2

There is going to be an intense surge of vibrations that is going to feed the world. This new frequency will raise the vibrations of everybody. But those who have been regularly raising their vibrations and preparing themselves for ascension, for them it will be special. Like yourself you will feel the maximum effects of this wave of frequency which will open the DNA inside your cells.
Even this week there is a steady constant flow of inspirational energy flowing so keep raising your vibrations. As your body is already tuned, even a steady flow will have a big effect.
In the last channelling, we talked about the programming of the DNA inside each cell, now this is going to take at least a year for all the enlightened ones to fully open these cells.
As this body is sensitive and is easily prone to any type of trauma, hence the steady increase of vibrational frequency is entering the body. If the cells suddenly opened we will explode as the intensity would be too much.
As you are raising your vibrations you are also raising your tolerance of the intensity of light. The energy entering your body right now is more powerful and refined compared to nine weeks ago. The tolerance you have is four times stronger than before, this will keep on increasing.  
At this time your body is going through a complete transformation. As the world is ascending the old programming is changing and is being replaced. This new influx of data is in line with the new fifth dimensional alignment. These changes are affecting every cell as they are opening their secrets to you.  

In the fifth dimension you will be able to access the knowledge which was hidden inside each cell. Every person who is totally enlightened and those who have practiced and learned how to use their body’s secrets will be able to increase their knowledge even further. We are talking about the quality of life which will be filled with love and gratitude and you will have so much fun and excitement.
This life with its gravitational and the bad influences of the evil ones such as the negative entities, will keep on reducing. Their power is going to finish and they will be banished from the new reality being created by Mother Earth. Evil will no longer exist as the people who are left will all be filled with love. There will be instant friendship and no religion will dominate the new world.
The belief will be that there is a Creator who inspires all of us and is merciful and loving.
We will get an enormous amount of alien help to ascend and guide us as instructed by the Creator. There will be a lot of friendships made from other extra terrestrial entities.
Before this can happen keep reading and meditating.
Your mother; who will guide you in the new process of ascension.