IW131 - DNA Transformation and Programming Part 1


Hello Son,

DNA Transformation and Programming Part 1
During ascension the whole body will change. This means that, the programming of man is going to be updated in line with the fifth dimensional, realm. This programming is in the DNA of each cell.
When we look inside the DNA it is made up of strands of 12,24,36,72 and 96. These strands will be programmed to accept the new frequencies of this era. Inside each strand of DNA is a particular piece of knowledge from the Creator.
What the Creator is doing now is making sure that all our requirements for the next dimension are going to be met. In this world our emotions and desires were the driving force for each purpose in this life; we were able to achieve so much in life due to the energies and abilities we possessed inside the programming of each of our cells. All the resources and requirements were met so that there would be no hindrance at any one time. We had all the intellect all ready to use.
However, the new fifth dimension requires us to update our ideas and vibrations to accept the new realms. In this world we exist because we have accepted, inside of us we exist in a gravitational world.  
Some people will not accept the changes as they are vibrating at a lower
frequency. They will not be able to comprehend the process of ascension and will have to be removed from the planet. The people, who will stay, are those vibrating at the same frequency as in the new Mother Earth.  
This frequency must harmonize and blend into the wavelength of Mother Earth and she must accept us. If there is any interference and she rejects us then we will no longer fit into her plans of ascension.  
Mother Earth is angry that the world is so polluted and all its resources are being used for greed and not been shared out amongst the people.
In the last weeks I have constantly emphasized how important it is to raise the vibration of oneself. The higher vibration we achieve at this moment will benefit us during the ascension process. The adjustment we make will be less emotionally painful to the body and its consciousness.
Your DNA is changing slowly and sometimes very quickly depending on the high energy days like last weekend. The new waves of energy are being accepted and there are no hindrances from the consciousness. The link you have with your higher self is a lot stronger as every day you listen to its ideas and suggestions. It is guiding you on every day things.  
As you break up from school, concentrate on reading the material you have at this time. It will enrich you and boost up the energy levels.  
I will see you next time.

Your mother from the 15th dimension.