IW129 - Building the Flow


Hello Son,

Building the Flow

Man is inspired every second of the day; and this feeds the mind, body and soul complex. We then analyse and exercise our own freewill and then make a decision.

A person can increase the flow of inspiration when he puts things into action. By just sitting and thinking things through is one aspect of the flow but to maintain and build upon it, we must put things into action.

The new paradigm of thinking requires that everyone participates fully in their lives and their uptake in all aspects of their life.

It is not wise to dwell too on decisions as opportunities come and go and are present only for a designated time.

Any actions taken accelerate the Divine energy into releasing its bounty and power, and the job, thing or circumstance is released for you to do or acquire.

When something resonates with your inner, the flow of thoughts is maintained longer; it is like a magnet that attracts. We are then inspired and even excited to complete whatever it is in our minds.

When we stop the flow then the event loses its luster and fizzles away into the empty space and void of the universe.

If a person builds up his thoughts and puts them into action his mind is kept healthy and free of wondering thoughts.

Your mother; live the life and put things into action each day.