IW126 - The Free Thoughts


Hello Son,

The Free Thoughts

When thoughts enter the mind they come from the Divine Source. We call this the God consciousness. No matter the topic, this consciousness has a library at it's disposal and acts as a feeder to the subconsciousness and mind.

Thoughts originate in this Divinity and cause the spark of the mind to connect.

If we consider the millions of thoughts and images that originate during a life time, we can deduce how vast this library is.

The human mind is but a receiver and a translator for this information from the God consciousness.

When we focus on a certain topic or one point the information begins to download into the mind. However, we must also remember that depending on the length of the focus and the quality of the signal, we receive the information.

Quality of the signal can be weak depending on the state of mind and even that of the environment. A person can easily be stressed or under pressure which then can alter or even act as a filter in receiving this weak signal.

Another scenario can be considered when a person is over excited and this too can jeopardize the signal quality.

A state of complete silence and calmness gives a good clarity of the message which can be in different forms.

A signal can give rise to images, voices or even words imprinted in the mind. This is also dependent on what type of learner the person has acquainted himself with.
Knowledge is knowledge which gives insight to further knowledge and the cycle of learning continues; it continues until the focus is lost or the person has focus on another thing.

We must remember mankind cannot live without the thoughts coming from the God consciousness as they complete the link with the higher self and that of the human consciousness.

Without this link and signal, mankind will not be able to even wake up in the morning or do the basic routine in our life.

Your mother; never doubt the ability that you can do; once a connection is strongly made it stays and can never be broken.