IW120 - There Can Only be One and it is You


Hello Son,

There Can Only be One and it is You

These messages we give regularly are for you to develop oneself onto the higher path of enlightenment and to have a better quality of life. The purpose has been always the same; but due to materialistic and complete lies from authorities we have become astray from our real self.

These messages are a constant reminder to change the quality of yourself through higher thinking. We have been active for over a year so that you may understand that there is only one in this change, and it is YOU.

We have given constant reminders and examples of life so that you may understand that life as you know it to be is collapsing due to the energy shift of consciousness that cannot live with the old paradigm of energies.

Most have come to be aware for a need to see the truth with a higher mind that is not polluted with the vision of the material eyes.

We have come to realise over time that it is the soul and the spirit with its connection to the God self is the key to further understanding and insight. So many of you have changed your lives; ridding old routines that only gave you limited progress and happiness.

You have also come to realise that by further reading and researching spiritual knowledge, it gave you all further insights and different perspectives; and following this with meditation to tune your personal frequency with the silence that holds the secret of within.

By continuous change of direction in your life then finally understanding your own purpose in life, you have inherited wisdom that give you further insights in everything you do.

For some this is just the start and you have come to realise that through patience success always follow. The goal will surely be yours when you work hard at whatever you focus on.

Through time you have seen truth coming out in the news and you feel it resonating with your own heart. Slowly and surely peace is taking over your body.

You have also realise that cleansing of your mind is taking place and old memories buried deeply in the subconscious need to be taken care off; as they resurface on occasions to stop your personal spiritual development. These recurring thoughts have unnecessary weight and burden, on a mind that wishes to be set free.

Your consciousness is changing as you increasingly become aware of your surroundings and your personal self to achieve the higher path.

Your tone, thinking and approach to others has changed so that vibrations within you are projected as ripples wherever you go.

You have realised that ignorance you had was the only lesson that needed to be felt and experienced; in order to learn the higher messages to come.

As you except that life was only a trial to make you stronger for these energies of this time period. Your dedication increases to your own personal cause.

There is no stopping you as the focus was always you.

Your mother; through the scent of these words, let them be spread over where you are so that others may awaken to further truths.