IW119 - Knowing the Heart


Hello Son

Knowing the Heart

Far too often people assume that it is the mind that makes all the decisions, processes all the information and keeps memories; this is partly correct. We also assume that the eyes give us sight, when they are only windows to let light through to the retina, which then the brain translates and scrambles the image.

When a person has to make a decision, he begins to use his head and asks for answers. But the mind is biased and favours itself. It is full of ego and in this world there are not many people (compared to the population of the world), that have a balanced mind. What I am trying to say is that, can we actually trust our minds to make the correct decisions in life when we are not even tuned in to our higher self?

We have all heard of the phrase, ‘the caring heart’, because it is caring. The heart is the ultimate organ that has a variety of purposes and roles. We forget, when saints and prophets in the past, have all said, 'we must listen to our hearts'. It too can communicate, but are we tuned to this? Do we actually seek answers, by directing questions to the heart? Very few people do, as we have forgotten to do this regularly. It is why sometimes we make incorrect judgements.

The heart is wise and full of knowledge that cares for the person it houses. It too has a link which is stronger than the link with the soul. This link is easier to access as long we learn how to make this connection, with it.

For example, we go to a shop and cannot decide from one item to another. We stand there looking at both items trying to make some sort of decision. It is times like these where we need to ask the heart what do and what we actually want and need. Which one will give us the greater pleasure?  

A simple example like this is a start and training on how to use our knowing heart. It too processes information, and sees all, and works out the best for the person. It is not tainted with greed, but only love.

When we meditate, the correct visualisation is to look into our hearts, as the knowledge of creation and source of intense purified light is stored in the heart, waiting for someone to ask, so that it shows it to someone.  

Do we actually use the heart for anything, or are we still using our heads which is full?

Then try to make the correct decision.

Every action, decision making, questioning, aiding, asking, seeing the truth, making judgements, seeking knowledge, seeking love, seeking gratification and seeking light must be addressed to the heart. Because one day, it will start talking to you, as it can communicate effectively and give you advice.

The soul with its link to the higher self and the knowing heart are our saviours and helpers in life, but we do not use both of them. As we are too busy stumbling on our routine and robotic life. Doing the same routine day after day without thinking it through or asking questions like, ‘why am I doing this?’

Change and then change again to better oneself and seek the guidance from our higher self. Salaat means connection, have you made a connection yet with God?

Your mother, who listens to her heart in every time and every second, as the love it has is beautiful and is delighted to share this knowledge with you.