IW118 - Practicing Generosity Awakens the Heart


Hello Son,

Practicing Generosity Awakens the Heart

All over the world people have given their possessions and money to a cause or a loved one. This has been going on since cavemen times and continues today. In all the religions to give alms to someone is an act of spiritual awakening and a good deed. For many it is a way of life and there are numerous organizations that put all given things to a good use and cause.

We often forget when we are careful with our words and select them according to who we talk to; we are then being charitable and is equivalent to giving a x amount of money to someone.

Giving time and advice is another example we all do and often we forget that is an act of charity.

Practicing in our daily lives awakens the heart into action for it is this powerful energy that knowledge lies. No one can learn higher spiritual knowledge or even communicate with the Masters through lies and deceit in character. It is the very reason that all the Prophets were very compassionate people, we often use them as examples of perfect people.

Creating good habits is easier path than having bad ones; as the rewards are endless. Mankind is aware of this and when he is distracted in his life he often forgets the basic things and principles in life that make all the difference.

With regular practice it will become a conscious habit that calms the mind and the chattering. The feeling of satisfaction is felt with a warm glow inside, as new energies flood in to replace the old.

Your mother; through generosity the heart unlocks and reveals further the inner truth and wisdom you desire.