IW115 - Individuality in the Soul


Hello Son,

Individuality in the Soul

We have all heard of the saying that ‘no two minds are alike’; which is definitely true.

A person has his own identity and a free will to choose; when he takes this upon himself, he grows his spirituality and also develops.

It is like an adventure from that person because he is able to express and build upon his own experiences. He notices the world differently and has no fear; often it can in be instilled by thousands of words given by friends and family; some rightly so.

When too much advice can kill the thought of learning for oneself, the psychology of that person changes and sometimes may result in confusion. But this is not the case in every individual.

A soul is here to experience and build upon and branch further out in the higher realms of existence. To learn and be acquainted with the Creator will always be his goal in his existence, this will never change; curiosity will over take him.

Even in tiredness the words are still flowing, such is the connection.

Your mother; live in the moment of time and see.