IW113 - An Awakened Soul belongs to Everyone


Hello Son,

An Awakened Soul belongs to Everyone

When a person begins to understand the concepts and foundations of himself, he awakens to learn any part of him.

He sees and reflects on life differently and intently, with eagerness and curiosity. His outlook and inner wisdom has been switched on.

His criticism of things and people becomes less each day and he begins to KNOW.

An awakened soul on a spiritual path does not see a religion but combines them all in his cache, for he knows they are all words of God. So he embraces all things and keeps his mind open to receive.

To receive we invite the wisdom which is untainted from any muddy judgements of the self. He is able to think clearly and in silence to higher consciousness.

Now he has become enlightened and sees not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist as well as any other religious order, but a divine soul on a path.

For he knows it has been a struggle too, for he too was on this journey of discovery.

He embraces all in his life, thus expanding his spiritual thinking and mind to receive the gratitude of the Lord from further insights in his life and wisdom.

Your mother; be in tune of the self with in, judge not what you have no divine knowledge of.