IW111 - A few Words


Hello Son,

A few Words

Love can be said in just a few words in how we feel about another. These moments are captured in your mind and circulate over and over again.

The thought of someone missing in our life; or someone in front of you to say these words.

How you feel is part of the emotional body feeling and connecting with one; we lose that emotion by abstaining, when it can be said in just a few words.

Love multiplies and expands to your surrounding and for some there energy is so strong that it reverberates like a pulse all over the planet.

The sensitive one will feel this energy and be able to detect its signature and strength.

The planet was built, fashioned and manifested by the Creator with Love; we cannot forget nor should we either; as this is a constant reminder that He cares for us.

Your mother a reminder in just a few words, that ignites a smile in others.