IW110 - Creating reality we live in


Hello Son,

Creating reality we live in

The universe provides for our needs through a unique connection of the mind.

If we maintain and even create our thoughts long enough then it begins to manifest.

It is this recurring thought and belief in our one –SELF that our life begins to change and materialise. No matter what the thought could be from relationship to getting a mobile phone, as long as the thought is maintained and created in the mind.

The new paradigm which has already commenced requires a refined thinking from those who are awake and pursue their own path further; to look inwards for answers and still have the courage to carry on this the interactions in 3D world we live in.

AS long as the majority are still at a lower vibration then others, no matter who, will still abide by and maintain this connection with them.

We cannot simply ignore the plight of the earth and Humanity as a whole. They are all part of experiences and part of God's plan for the upgrade of consciousness.

My beloved light beings the needs and wants are yours to fulfil and still BE and live within your path and wisdom. This will not change as long as the focus has been changed by you.

Your mother; live and live again, in the mind of creation; so that you can manifest daily.