IW109 - Birthing Solutions


Hello Son,

Birthing Solutions

Circumstances and predicaments always arise, for they need sorting. WE remind you dear ones that this is the time for cleansing and finding within.

The old paradigm thinking and doing things will not hold the new energies for this year. Some will be shaken at the core ad feel vulnerable and even challenged during this year.

Some will find solutions quite quickly whilst for others there will be a gradual process of internal cleansing of mind and thoughts. The old karma and memories of old lives need to be cleansed and even forgiven.

If we sit in our silence, and think through these issues, then answers will come. We have to be patient and not rush things; every action has a course of time when it is revealed in its entirety.

My dear ones, we birth our own solutions to problems and we will guide those who need guiding and those who have asked. But the final decision has always been your own. The law of free will govern this that you make your own final decision.

Be not in sorrow for your own predicament, but work things through until the heart of YOU awakens.

You are the star of yourself so shine brightly through all challenges and simply BE for the moment.

You are much loved.

Your mother; through the heart you will awaken.