IW108 - Lost in 3D illusion


Hello Son,

Lost in 3D illusion

To make the necessary forward march on one's path, we need to dismiss mentally one's own life as the ONLY life we have.

We assume that what we see is just that and nothing else.

Some for sure believe in life after death and that is all. These people never pursue what this life is like and find themselves lost in their world.

Some will also say we are not lost, but made a great life for ourselves, which is quite creditable. But we need to think of all lives of the soul, this includes the dream states too.

This life is only a fraction of what is to come and we need to prepare for further journeys in the cosmos consciousness of our existence.

Before we can do this we need to accept ourselves as a library of knowledge, which we are; that all answers can be accessed through our hearts and questions revealed and answered through our higher consciousness.

If we step out and seek the truth of our own existence and see the world with a different pair of eyes; we will learn a new part of our life, which we will keep for the rest of our further journeys.

My dear ones be not lost or even argue your way through the maze of experiences of this illusion we live in. For this is but a momentary stop for further advances of the soul.

Mankind will inherent his self if we only knew.

Your mother; seek out the truth and see the balance of mind that is achieved.