IW107 - Igniting a flame of words from Art


Hello Son,

Igniting a flame of words from Art

The Pool of God's consciousness contains knowledge from all fields; even in art and pictures.

For every person looking into a picture, a field of vision opens up and knowledge becomes accessible. For another it would be different and for another it would be different again.

The Pool of Wisdom and Knowledge is so vast that if the oceans were the ink needed to write; all the oceans combined could not come close to match His wisdom or words.

Art is inspiring to look deeply into and it is creative too.

We can be inspired by a painting for a while, but to expand this feeling we must delve and explore through the spiritual senses the art has to offer.

Imagine if we sat down with a picture and stared at the detail of its scenery. The mind will come alive and the scribe in you will open to an explosion of knowledge, ideas and yes inspiration.

This is from the vast fields of consciousness of GOD, and can never be a waste of learning. It contains the attributes of the lord and each word written is full of Divine light.

My dear beloved one's explore your own horizons and try different fields of leaning that create and expand your one consciousness.

Only then you will understand a part of you that is creative.

Your mother; in the fields of wisdom and inspiration from the Pools of knowledge, inherent in everyone.