IW106 - Freeing the Mind and Merge within


Hello Son,

Freeing the Mind and Merge within

New energies will flood into the world when weather patterns will open the minds of people.

Silence is needed at this time to simply BE, with oneself. So make this time for your-SELF.

The soul cries out your name again to be heard and notice the internal voice in you.

The desire to merge with this voice increases and the frustrations will increase if this connection is not made.

Relax and simply BE with your-SELF presence.

Understand and follow your train of thoughts and listen intently to this spiritual voice that’s your companion and friend.

It needs to be heard and it is a part of you that lies dormant, so WAKE UP.

LOOK into these words…WAKE UP….you are waking up, so believe dear ones, and believe.

Your hour to shine is here, the pieces of your jigsaw, have been found; it is time to complete the puzzle now and see the marvellous effort you have done in your life.

Be proud dear one that you have succeeded; lament not on past karmic energies and woes and live NOW is the way forward.

BE-DIVINE and feel this love vibration enter your field of energy inside.

Live in this vibration today and every day…embraces the positive you have become and invite others to this field.

Your mother, vibrations are increasing and will continue to increase.