IW105 - Innate desire to learn


Hello Son,

Innate desire to learn

Curiosity, passion and determination are all traits of life, together with the innate desire to learn knowledge.

As soon as a person grows up, the desire to experiment and work out things has been the characteristic of a person. This desire and curiosity is what drives a person to success. He becomes determined and keeps trying over and over again, even though he may be unsuccessful several times, but he keeps going until he has achieved his goal.

This can be said that our blue print of man contains this innate desire to learn and strive forward. If we listen to the voice of the soul to prompt us in the right direction, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Do not close this desire but to encourage yourselves and others to seek in all fields of interest. Through interest is passion and then success.

I may repeat this over and over again, but man must keep his hopes alive and research the fields he is most interested in. Through this journey he will finally lead to his ultimate goal of establishing contact with his higher consciousness.

Everyone should now make a target for themselves, in what they really want in their lives and then try their best to achieve this. The Creator will shine his light and give the necessary resources to complete this goal.

When one target is achieved then you must have another target, whether it be earthly or spiritual, both would be better.

Happiness in this world is extremely important. As this is the platform for other achievements in life.

The innate desire to seek knowledge has been programmed into the genes of man; to find out who we really are and where we are going.

Mankind should seek the truths of the cosmos in these special times, and find why he was born and for what purpose.

Your mother shining her light to all who read these words.