IW104 - Why reading and researching opens the mind


Hello Son,

Why reading and researching opens the mind

How can anybody develop without knowing what is around the conscious and subconscious realms.

When we learn something our insights increase and we become more aware and experience further the attributes of the Creator. A portal of space opens each time we learn something and increase the possibilities of enlightenment increase.

Each paragraph of knowledge increases our potential to experience. Do you not remember, to experience is the essence of life; to understand the mind of God the supreme Creator?

Each letter and word is a seed waiting to open and reveal its quality and secrets.

First the conscious mind is aware of the words and then an explosion of images and ideas and concepts inspire the mind, fed further by the subconscious higher self.

How many times you have been inspired by a sentence or even a word; and how quickly have you sat down and channelled. Ask yourself where did the words come from? How did you manage each time to write so much? The answer is inside of us, it is the connection you have made with the higher consciousness and the Akashic records; the pool of infinite knowledge for all to receive, again only those who can silence their minds from the endless chatter.

This connection made by reading, is the start of knowing oneself and moving through the dimensions of awakening of the journey of man.

A word is a treasure chest waiting to be opened by the right person holding the right key. This person should be upright in character, patient in his choice of words and who has not been exploited by the world with its materialistic values.

This key that a person has, is his character, and is not given to those who only exploit for themselves. Who share the knowledge once given to others to develop and inspire.

We can all be this key if only we get rid of ourselves the additions of the world and its selfishness. Such a key is the victory of mans journey through the suffering into the pool of oneness of the Creator. The secrets of the cosmos waiting for the right person can then be given and understood.

Do not lose this opportunity to find these words of enlightenment that inspire the instincts of man and open the cosmos, pool of knowledge.

Your mother read as others will follow your example.