IW103 - What you believe becomes your reality


Hello Son,

What you believe becomes your reality

The mind is a complex computer churning thousands and thousands of thought processes; man in turn makes judgements and decisions from some of those thoughts.

His emotions and biases enforce his desires on what steps he should take from these desires and thoughts. When we want to carry out this dream of ours, action takes place until the task or dream has happened.

For example, if we desire a coat, we make every effort to get the money, provide the transport to the place, and buy it and so on. These are common streams of action that has taken place about materialistic things that happen all the time.

This has become our reality and we do this over and over again, as we believe this will happen and we can get what we want.

This is common in third dimensional thinking; it is now the time to upgrade our thinking and plan for ourselves the desires of knowledge or other things for oneself.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something as long as the desires are in the mind. As long as we have this in our minds, the higher self will do its best to help you to achieve this.

The higher self wants the conscious body to be happy and helps it in everyway, in its journey in life. If the body is happy then the soul is too. If only on a regular basis we desire things to please ourselves.

Sometimes we can be too laid back, and say to ourselves, I have everything and I do not need it. Then our emotions become too static and there is no flow of enjoyment in our lives.

Thinking and wanting things is common only in younger children and adults; as we get older we suddenly stop and become idle. It is like a stream that has suddenly stopped flowing; what happens next the water becomes stagnant and polluted. Same thing happens to the mind.

Let’s all have a desire and carry this out to fulfilment, but only one or two at a time; too many will only lead to confusion.

Positive thinking is based around the things we carry out in our daily lives; this could be doing our job, duties of being a mother or father, or even daily chores around the house. Also developing ourselves spiritually through the senses we have given.

Knowledge gives us light and awakens the darkness in thoughts, teaches us to be aware of our surrounding. Knowledge can also drive a person to achieve his goal in life and fulfil his own reality.

Do not stop the flow and be stagnant, but enjoy the fruits the world has to offer in moderation and without hurting anyone.

Your mother, who enjoyed the moments of life and sorted the things her emotion desired.