IW101 - The Conscience


Hello Son,

The Conscience

When we do a task or think, there is a voice that talks to, guides and protects us. Everybody has this connection, however do we actually listen. It does not matter what belief system we possess and have, it is the same for everyone.

This inner voice is called our conscience; it is guided by the higher consciousness which is linked to the infinite creator. This is a pure and unpolluted source, which tells the truth. It is a voice that tells the truth. Unfortunately, we do not know how to use this as we are simply to busy with our lives. Seldom do we stop and pause deeply to think and listen to this inspirational inner voice called the conscience. When we do, our logic voice denies everything and we begin doubting what the conscience was saying or guiding us. It is this unorganised brain activity that many have gone astray from the straight path.

We do we not know how to silence the thoughts that keeps chattering away, churning meaningless words and images inside our minds. Then how can we listen to ourselves and take stock of our lives if we keep chattering away?

Due to the love of the Creator who has given us this treasure to use we must start using this effectively.

But the reader must take note, if we are to use our inner voice; the lives we lead must be also pure. It is no point living your life, scheming, polluting, hurting and cursing or in jealousy; as all of these emotions is a lower vibrational frequency. The body in these emotions will be under stress and we will not take benefit from our consciousness. In this stressful state we cloud our judgement and think negatively. So it becomes a constant battle to wake the person up to guide him to positivity and healthy thoughts.

If we analyse people and the types of behaviour, we can conclude that those who lead normal lives are those who have less stress. This is because in their lives they have made useful decisions that have made it easy for them. In other words, not knowingly, they have listened to their conscience to guide them.

It is also important for a person not to overload himself with work or other jobs that will continuously keep him busy; this is not necessary. We must always go back to our personal goal of searching for the truth through the higher self by looking inside the heart. The world can be a maze to many; but those who listen to guidance will always go back to the easy straight path that has no bends to lead to the love of the creator.

As you are typing you are listening to the conscience that is guiding you to type the words. This is how to use the conscience in a higher mode than others. Soon every one will know how to use this useful tool.

We have to change every part of our lives if we want to ascend to the upper realms of beauty and wonder.

Your mother; who listens to her own conscience; to guide, and seek other truths of the cosmos of infinity.