IW099 - When there is a gap in your Centre


Hello Son,

When there is a gap in your Centre

Sadness prevails when there is a yearning desire to connect and yet the other person does not see this. This connection is your interpretation and is very open to all sorts of meaning.

The gap is a missing link to a desire that needs filling and ignoring it is not good for a variety of reasons.

It could be something you need or even a missing part of your relationship.

The gap will remain. Until achieved it will be a constant reminder of your own frustration and even inadequacies. Nothing will change, but the desire or need will remain.

It will circulate inside the mind and recur.

Achieve something which is not achievable…we often think, until we strive and rise above our own fears. We will not know until, if it was very possible.

There are many explanations but the important thing is your own happiness which is at stake. You cannot run away from this.

People can say in a million words but it is not necessary, the message is clear. You need to venture out into the world and find these things out.

Even the closest person to you, can give incorrect advice assuming such a thing. Until we connect in our haven of silence the reasons will be never known.

Love can not be found or even destroyed in seconds, because the other did not understand nor did not break to listen in their hearts.

You heart may weep and it is indeed sad, but will continue to bleed if the changes are not implemented.

Be at peace and find that haven in your own paradise which you create and want.

It is therefore a reason so seek it out and extract the details from its mind.

Trust in yourself and universe will bend down to serve you.

Your mother; be at the centre of all decisions in life.