IW098 - From sadness to the light of Happiness


Hello Son,

From sadness to the light of Happiness

Life is an important part of a person, and yes it is indeed part of a person’s BE-ing. It is part of his identity and his thoughts govern and arise from all  the happenings in a person’s life.

A single photon of sadness is felt and registered in a cell and remembered like an imprint.

It becomes part of the makeup of the body; tiny it maybe but the body feels this impression or emotion. We may not consciously on occasions experience this, but we do in the majority of the more challenging moments in our lives.

When sadness is replaced with happiness, the cells in our bodies become alive; it is like given a tonic to get us well and jumping around.

Again our thoughts become our way of life and controlling them to think is necessary for the fulfilment and happiness of your TRUE-self.

Seeking laughter in a dense negative environment can be a challenge, but once in this zone the energies around change. Happiness is infectious and makes others connect with it too.

We sometimes get stuck into punishing ourselves for the mistakes that we do and keep remembering these thoughts and repeating them inside our mind.

Yes, indeed, a recurring thought, that neither replenishes nor rejuvenates the mind. To extract the strength out of our mind, body and soul complex.

When we come to terms and accept life's challenges and learn from them; thus replacing the sadness into happiness;

We realise that these are only expressions of our self and that being in one emotion to another is only part of this expression.

We may easily say it is part of our growing up and make up of the body; which in turn is part of being HU-man and the growth of one's own consciousness.

Your mother; accept the energies and the emotions as part of your own psyche.