IW097 - Living in the Inner Life


Hello Son,

Living in the Inner Life

When a person finds himself he is totally at peace; his mind lives in the now, not worrying about what the future will hold.

His mind is aware, to look into the future or even predict is unwise because the future often changes dependent on people’s choices; so he lives in the current moment.

A person, who looks inwards and finds solace in his heart, lives in harmony wherever he may be.

His heart speaks in a tone that gives his inner mind and world a frequency of love; and this filters through and around the body. It is like all the cells are in content and at peace.

He lives in his silence and is not perturbed about the world except his own inner world.

He sows his inner crops daily and watches it grow and harvests them in the night daily; such is the growth in the spiritual realm.

There is not better fertilizer than God who gives His reward immediately.

You are soil where the seed has been planted.

Live the inner life close to your heart and see the difference in you change. The new you will open to see into a paradigm of your choosing and at the same time are alert for signals and guides. They will guide you further into your chosen path.

Your mother; be at peace knowing your are part of the new world of change.