IW095 - The New Harmony


Hello Son,

The New Harmony

There are subtle changes that are internally happening which is the calibration and realignment of the cells in the body.

We have mentioned this before, but the changes are on the increase.

There is calmness about you and as you go out in completing your chores or routines, you will receive much needed peace.

This will be felt internally and you will find the change relaxing and insightful; as you will put things into action.

The new internal self will get you to be accountable in what you do and say. It will get you to look outwards and inwards to see the changes needed to make your lives better and find this new harmony.

There is much to do you will feel, and as the new you unfolds you will demand further changes in your life.

Your mother; focus and listen and accept the people around you; they are all part of your life’s unfolding.