IW094 - Being centred in your Journey


Hello Son,

Being centred in your Journey

The path you are all walking on requires that you be centred and devote the concentration needed to avoid outside thoughts.

It is like meditating, as we sit down and close our eyes, we begin to think of our lives. It is happening even when planning a shopping trip etc.

This is not focusing but listening to one's self chatter.

So this example is not being centred with one's thought.

However being centred in one's path we must do our utmost that distractions of world affairs and circumstances do not disrupt one's own path.

Yes we are timetabled to our duties which are necessary for this dimensional living, but outside this focus on the task is advisable dear ones.

When we are centred, outside noises of living dissipate and we can fully contrite on our thinking which is not polluted with worries and tensions.

We do accept on occasions that it will be not easy for some due to circumstances, however for the majority of the time, opportunities will be available.

Focus and focus again when all thoughts become meaningless.

Your mother; being you is necessary for the development of the mind.