IW093 - The Open Heart


Hello Son,

The Open Heart

……..is sight but sight and it hears and sees too?

It encompasses all things and it is a universe in its self and not a universe. It expands and shrinks dependent on our perception and sees and hears from its own senses.

The open heart once awakened spreads and filters knowledge to its consciousness of the mind to share the wisdom of the inner body and beyond.

The awakened heart is passive and monitors life with different and yet accommodating wisdom.

The conflict that once was there is gone and replaced with a passion to learn and adopt different perspectives.

It is like a mind but not a mind, but it sees and reflects differently than before. It has acquired patience and a higher level of insight and perception to wait for a moment to analyse and view as an observation.

The heart is the most powerful that houses the universal library of wisdom and this never ceases as wisdom is always increasing.

Judge not your heart when it is closed, but when open see the judgements and you will find the answers.

Your mother; live in the heart of now and live through its insight.