IW092 - Increase In Time


Hello Son,

Increase In Time

We are aware of your increased tiredness of the last two weeks, and hold you dearly for persevering through this time.

You are aware of your consciousness increase which has happened and this will increase again and should be able to channell almost anyone depending on your focus. We hail this and are proud that you stuck it out to the end and continue to do so.

This is an example through time and dedication and anyone showing the dedication over a period of time can achieve great heights in their spiritual path.

You have been worried about time and not enough of it, be assured time and more time has been allocated to you to complete all the projects to enlighten the world of your wisdom and ours.

You need not worry from now.

We advise you that sleep is essential and depravation will cause further fatigue, so please when there is a need whatever the time of the day.

I will forever be your guide.

Your mother; through the depth of dedication and insight you have graduated to another level of perception, we applaud this.