IW091 - No Matter What


Hello Son,

No Matter What

These changes are necessary for the growth of the subconsciousness to align with the soul’s spirit.

This is an upgrade to the unity consciousness of 5D.

It can be compared with learning new languages, if we do not learn the foundation then how are expected to adapt to the frequencies of 5D?

Understand dear ones the effort of raising one's consciousness has to be made by you, to understand the path you will go in the next paradigm.

For some it will happen during this lifetime, there is no doubt.

You cannot deny the route of the path of the soul, there is a short and long path. The long path is eons away, whilst the short path is during this lifetime.

This could be even shorter if mankind collectively increase their vibration towards positivity and believe in themselves and look inwards for answers.

Far too much time is wasted pursuing things which have limited value and growth for the soul. This only leads you away from your path.

Your mother; need for change and a new timetable is necessary for the growth of the soul.