IW090 - Being Awake


Hello Son,

Being Awake

It is the most important aspect of the SELF, to know and adapt to the changes.

Yes we have mentioned this many times and it will be repeated again and again until the cells necessary have performed the upgrade of consciousness.

Being awake requires that you sacrifice time and some pleasures in developing in oneself. This includes watching your own conduct in what you say and do.

Being awake means that you have sacrifice your time to develop the personal, emotional and spiritual parts of you to a higher state of understanding.

Now there is a need to do something when you are awake.

Kindness and doing a good deed in helping others is the higher aspect of you and the higher path.  This needs developing, to a higher level of perception dear ones.

Many have been disappointed that something never happened in ascension; but we say it did, but you are not tuned to see or hear.

So tune yourself and not be disappointed anymore.

Your mother; expect nothing when no effort has been made but expect everything when so much time has been spent developing oneself.