IW089 - Listen Deeply


Hello Son,

Listen Deeply

Find the treasure chest that is within you all, we have said this in many words, so take heed dear light beings.

The energy exists in all of us, so deny it not and embrace. Seek it out, for this is wise.

There are many guides and wayshowers to point you the way, so find them and ask for guidance.

There is much to do before you fully understand who you really are and where you fit in. Your perfect or not perfect world, is down to one's own perception.

Listen deeply and connect to that silence that reveals the need of you and your loved ones.

This need is the soul which cries out to be heard, it is your friend and guide during all dimensions. He shows you the way for you to follow, so listen to his guidance. The soul is wise and knows what is more important than other things, what is advisable or not. It guides for those who listen intently.

So listen and listen again.

Your mother; wisdom comes to those who listen with their hearts for a period of time for the connection to their hearts.