IW088 - Realignment and Calibration


Hello Son,

Realignment and Calibration

In the last two weeks you have experienced a change; and this change has been an alignment towards your own focus. To some this has already happened.

During this time it has been difficult for you to harness your energies and focus.

This is natural and as the days go by, your focus will show a new focus, but the concentration will always be there.

Dear ones this transitional change is necessary if you wish to connect with your higher selves and experience like others have shown in their writings.

There has certainly been a cosmic alignment which coincides with the alignment of your SELF. As the days go by you will feel the change and insight more than ever before and at the same time a sense of longing and peace for another.

Emotions need to settle down and you need to connect with yourself to ask for the balance that is needed in your life.

If there is a gap or desire in your life then this must be fulfilled otherwise the gap will linger on and will be more apart than ever before. Realise dear ones the changes are for you to administer and fulfil, do not let the window of opportunity fade away; embrace it instead.

Remember to practice patience as some need time to materialise, there is no quick fix as many have realised after 21st December.

Find the inner journey to your own paths.

Your mother; never has there been a time when connection is so important.