IW086 - The Ideal World


Hello Son,

The Ideal World

We all have an ideal home in our minds; imagine if we live freely in the hills and not rely on anyone, not even electricity; being totally self sufficient. But this free thinking is suitable for third density living and all its events and happenings. But this paradigm lacks the inner connection to the SELF.

He may be successful and have a family but this often is not enough as man becomes bored all too often. His ideal lifestyle collapses, as all things in this world loses its lustre.

A man can sit and visualise all the things he wants in life and he may achieve this, but this is the highest he will get in his personal development.

He has forgotten the source of his dreams and images; he has forgotten why these images actually occur. Who gives these images in the mind? This is higher thinking and connection is needed with our higher to fully understand the principles of messages and thoughts from the mind.

If we look behind the picture we will come to the source of all pictures which is the spirit. The spirit has a connection with the God self and the primary source.

Knowing this he must strive further with dedication to link with the soul.

When he is able to do this he will begin to understand his purpose and ultimate reason for his existence.

Your mother; find the source of your dreams.