IW085 - Memory Consciousness


Hello Son,

Memory Consciousness

Every organ or cell and even parts of the body has a consciousness, sight and inner wisdom. They work independently and together; each holding a part of knowledge from the Divine Source.

If we just focus on the mind and memory; it too has a sight, wisdom and knowledge; however the memory has another function; to store experiences of its life. Then it transfers this to its subconsciousness to decipher and analyse. A cycle of processes which we do is created which leads to a variety of events in action/ reaction and movement.

During this analysis if a trauma or a severe event occurs it is felt by all of the mind, during the process of transference from one part of the brain to another.

Each part of the brain has an inner wisdom and sight that witnesses these severe events during transference and analysis. During this process shock and severe emotional consequences can be felt by the memory and mind.

They become deep rooted and hard to let go as so many parts; the cells it has transferred to; renders the whole mind to become a trauma zone; waiting for someone to heal.

This healing is done at a spiritual level and permission from the person will make the connection a lot easier.

A conscious submission eases the soothsayer to connect to the part of the body; in this case the memory chamber.

When a connection is made instant dialogue occurs and communication at a spiritual level takes place.

The soothsayer can now tackle the root of the problem and sort and even forgive its heartache or negativity.

But we must remember it has to hand the ‘memory over’ or release this to the soothsayer waiting to dispose of it.

A recurring memory happens when a different part of the brain reminds another; we can call this ‘gossip’ to make understanding easier.

One gossip leads to another and the memory is reminded once more of the unfortunate event; thus completing a vicious cycle of transference of thoughts all around the mind.

If the memory releases all of its traumatic events freely to the soothsayer, a positive gossip occurs, for instance; ‘I am well now’ relaying this to all parts of the mind. Then the whole mind becomes at ease.

Often it takes several connections before the patient is completely healed.

Only a person who has a complete spiritual connection with its higher consciousness is able to successfully heal the patient.

Your mother; trust in your wisdom of the inner sight as you graduate further in your path of paths.