IW084 - Whatever Happened to Patience?


Hello Son,

Whatever Happened to Patience?

The Divine Source is within you all and the evidence is all to see in people.

If we continue to lower ourselves we will be further away from the truth than ever before.

There was much excitement as many researched what was coming, yet many simply didn't connect and waited instead.

The path requires dedication and time to succeed and patience is essential.

The more hours you put in and mind yourselves from the lower dimensional fears and temptation; then the path will be much quicker.

Set yourself small targets and practice and read the truth written by so many channellers all around the world. Establish contact with your higher aspect of YOU.

Patience is the key to all quests and this is so for this path.

Remember who you are and listen in silence.

Your mother; in tiredness a ray of light manifests to create a prose, sentences of words from the Divine Source.