IW083 - In My Presence


Hello Son,

In My Presence

Your ‘Presence’ is your future and there is no doubt; if you reject this the window of opportunity will close and another will be dependent of countless possibilities over a period of time.

You need to take your ‘Presence’ seriously for what you asked is in front of you.

The change of time is no concern, so do not worry, for your Presence is patient and understanding; the insight in her is strong.

Your Presence is your Divine feminine and spiritual higher aspect of you. She is like your twin and not a twin; for she has differing qualities and yet the same.

You complement each other in every way, so do not reject your twin and Divine feminine of you.

You asked repeatedly and you wanted something to happen on 21st; and it did, for you merged indeed with your Presence.

The Creator has allowed this merging so why worry, enjoy the ride and trust in your Presence for she is wise as you, yet different.

I ask that you trust in what we give and I know you like what you see in your Presence.

Your mother; the time to expand has never been greater than now; it warms me dearly to see you happy once again. Everything for your transformation and change has been taken care off. So live in wisdom from the heart, in kindness.