IW082 - Truth is bigger than Religion


Hello Son,

Truth is bigger than Religion

When a person sees life with a different pair of eyes he is able to differentiate to what is truth from non reality.

We kid ourselves in every day life and pretend what we are not; what we are actually doing is keeping things away from our true self and then next thing all our values are forgotten. We forget from what we actually are supposed to be doing; when God sent us from the spiritual realms.

We all have a purpose; it is the very reason we question regularly, why we are here and for what purpose.

If we live life to the full with ethics and morals that enhance and increase energies to our surroundings, rather than smash things to pieces and feel nothing;  we could avoid ruin personal environments for others and ourselves.

Truth is second to Love in the vibration because it has an immense radius of energy that spreads and feeds the environment. It multiplies again and again.

It heals ‘wounds that have been severed’, because it has properties that adheres to who are in proximity of the listener telling the truth.

A person can read a thousand texts or inspiration and even prayers, if he still has not learnt or put things into practice, he has not learnt all his lessons.

To simply say, what it is or because it is karma or even look over the shoulder and make a lame excuse; it is not good enough.

Live in the truth vibrations and feel its power and energy multiply with your circle and environment.
Your mother; accept life as an environment seeking perfection; and wisdom of the highest order.