IW081 - Every beginning has a Thought


Hello Son,

Every beginning has a Thought

…..this thought is filled with courage and the necessary energy to fulfil all of your requirements.

But the need must be there and the universe assisted by your Lord fulfils this desire.

The thought is full of formulae, energy and strength to fulfil the mind and self into action. If we start denying this then the energy will just lose its strength and eventually the opportunity will be lost.

The thought is full of love and kindness; it is from your Lord and it inspires all who wish it upon themselves.

The Lord always listens intently to your prayers and even the whispers. He then looks into your heart and sees your intention.

Oh mankind listen and keep listening until this connection with your Lord is made.

There is so much disappointment coming right now, but this does not need to be if only there is a connection.

There is not blame, but the needs are created by yourselves and the Lord decides if it is best for you to carry this through into an action and manifestation.

Leave the restless mind and fill it with insight and wisdom from your higherself. Then and only then you will understand when things happen and even not happen.

There is one question, but many explanations.

Your mother; understand and see what the world is changing into; but do not fight with your Lord when you do not have the understanding.