IW080 - Can there ever be the right reason for change than Now?


Hello son,

Can there ever be the right reason for change than Now?

Expectation, chaos, shouting, over here and then nothing.

These are mixed words which make no sense; even the computer has rejected the sentence as fragment, consider revising.

This is exactly we need to do, to revise all aspects of our life.

Some say a little at a time, but I say a major change will have a major impact in your life.

You cannot expect the same situations you are living in, if you all ask for change and demand more spirituality.

Being one with your spirit has to be one with his mind; but if your lives and mind are turbulent, then everything will be delayed.

The Creator never cancels anything if He has put things into plan; instead He waits until you yourselves have made the change to implement the plans you seek.

Nothing is magic, but a carefully orchestrated and planned to the detail is how the Creator does His work. It is done with care and detail, including getting the best out of you. This is through the good times and the challenging.

Step forward.

Your mother; there are reasons for everything and more when you find the moment to escape from reality of this world.