IW079 - The Ever Increasing Waves


Hello son,

The Ever Increasing Waves

Once the communication link is open with the higherself then man should use it in his daily life.

God has always given man help in his life; often through another person or indirectly. This is because you were not able to converse with Him.

This period of time is the rebirth and some are going to step out into a new world, with differing perspective of life. There will be a new insight, whilst others will be still stuck in their routines and refuse to budge with their own ideas.

Remember change means that new ideas must come from you so that change can happen.

Like many people, who prefer others to do the work and watch; then blame them for getting it wrong when it happens.

This is not the way to do things, when you are striving for answers.

See the new you in silence and ask.

You mother; meditation is necessary for all who demand the highest potentials and qualities for themselves.