IW075 - We are all Spiritually Young


Hello Son,

We are all Spiritually Young

There is no shame when we learn something new for the first time. A teacher does not scold his students for the first time in teaching a topic, but instead goes through the basics of learning, gradually increasing its difficulty.

The Lord has never given you a degree book straight away before you could read. He made you learn the language of the area first before any learning was taken place.

Same applies to spirituality; we are all learning this new knowledge from its basics and gradually develop our understanding depending on the number of hours we are spending.

Like all starting for the first time we must first make space in the mind; if we have too many opinions about certain topics then we have already judged before we have started to learn.

The Lord asks you that to learn you need an open mind and not learn through scepticism; this is the rule of modern teaching where scrutiny comes first.

If you read something and it resonates with your inner then you know it is for you; but often some people automatically counteract by saying to themselves; ‘I already know this’.

All learning is remembering, it is the very reason why we react this way; we should say instead, ‘I remember now’.

Thus completing a positive response.

We have also been reminded that we are spiritually young and to acquire the development and skills in this knowledge we have to develop our foundation and the open mindedness without judgemental views.

Many have realised that learning this field has become easier and the Lord is sponsoring everyone to do so and put their feet forward and make time researching.

Your mother; in learning we need to be patient and be dedicated to ignite the hidden spark to increase one's appetite.