IW074 - The Magnetism of God


Hello Son,

The Magnetism of God

We all  have a favourite teacher, a author or even a writer; but why is this.

There is something or in the magnetism they possess; which we are all attracted to; the words they speak or even the written sentences that capture; they  leave us enthralled.

It is indeed this and more.

Inside in many enlightened souls God has given them a gift, to awaken mankind in a variety of ways and even in music. They possess a hidden magic which is inscribed in the words or written text they write for they are using the qualities and vibrations in the words which hold their magnetic properties.

When we read someone’s writings we instantly feel this magic or inspiration within the heart; there is an inner feeling of knowing that this is correct or something is in the truth that has been written or spoken by someone.

As we awake further mankind has increased this inner wisdom of distinguishing from what resonates inside of him. Often it is a message that we are looking for and feel it is specially written for us.

The words of these enlightened beings all around the world are there to guide and we do not distinguish anyone but hold all of them dearly in our heart.

For they not only hold a unique personality; they hold a special magnetism with God that no person can detract.

Wisdom and truth from the creator has its own unique quality and vibration, only the reader or listener can describe this feeling.

Your mother; the magnetism in the words of God hold many inspired messages that spring many into action.