IW073 - Infinite Abundance of Love


Hello Son,

Infinite Abundance of Love

The Creator of all life and creation made everything and nothing from His attributes and refined qualities. The primary and most valuable ingredient is the appellations of the word ‘Love’.

Love is a powerful energy that expands but never shrinks; if it does then it is because you have repelled or disserted this wonderful quality.

In the hearts of many people around the world it is this which is opening and the start of an incredible awakening. This is happening daily and the reaction is different in everyone.

Some become quiet; others become emotional, whilst there are some who spring into action. But there is something which after a while feels the peace of knowing something special.

This quickly embraces the body and we change almost at an instant, a big smile evidence of love inside of us.

This is the primary source as love is in everything and nothing; with this limited language it can be difficult to explain until you have experienced it fully.

The closest we have is the emotions for someone in this world, now multiply it a thousand times and keep multiplying as some feel this way, who are completely absorbed in this vibrational frequency.

Inside is a quality that expands when we minutely look inside; it is knowledge and a knowing of the hidden realms. The deeper we become the deeper we begin to see.

For it has sight and a wisdom which is only a start but expands into infinity.
Love holds no enemies but only embraces the worst in people into a sublime personality; for it tames even the giants and madness in people.

Your mother; humility and kindness all come from love.