IW072 - Positive event in our life


Hello Son,

Positive event in our life

Often the biggest enemy can be ourselves, as we can be too judgemental to ourselves; so let us be positive about ourselves and others around us.

When we are in this state of happiness and excitement we give off the same energies and our outlook changes. If we say to ourselves it is going to be a great day and repeat this over and over again; this is like a mantra and we actually feel positive about ourselves.

Today is indeed a big milestone for humanity and the planet as a whole; this graduation of everyone is a big event. All the Ascended Masters have been very busy planning these events for the coming year and beyond.

No person has not been unaccounted for; everyone will have a personal and emotional change in their life, some more than others; depending on their own spiritual development.

It is not a time to judge others as many are still learning through their own experiences.

Some of you today might feel the energy burst which happened today to accelerate the awakening of mankind.

These symptoms are pains in the chest, difficulty breathing, tiredness and general fatigue. These will soon past so it is better to rest and let them settle down and awaken your body, mind and soul.

The next few days will remain the same for some, so be patient and stay away from strenuous work, so that energy is not lost.

Be patient and let everything settle down.

Your mother; your chest pains are almost gone, soon your mind will open further and that of others.