IW071 - Blurred Vision in our Thinking


Hello Son,

Blurred Vision in our Thinking

Have you ever thought about why God has made man to sleep during part of the day?  An average person sleeps 8 hours a day, but why?

He can argue it is needed to rest the mind and his body as life can be hectic. This is very true; but consider another argument.

During sleep another body wakes up, we call this the soul, this is the true self and body. It is housed in the physical body not from its own choosing; as it is restricted and wishes nothing more then to fly to realms and dimensions it is accustomed too, when it was first created.

The soul rejuvenates and completes the link with the spirit and the commands of the Lord. Not only this we rejuvenate and receive our own programming and own cleansing during the state of sleep.

But when we do not have enough sleep, our vision and our thinking become blurred. We call this sleep depravation but it is more than this; our actual mind becomes gargled and mixed up.

This is one reason but there are many, according and depending on the condition of the person.

Consider another when messages from the mind are shrouded with a veil and we cannot make sense from our higher wisdom; this is because our focus is on something else. Not only this, if we predominantly are not focusing on our inner or spirit, then messages will not make sense.

In this condition we have no idea; instead a diluted message is received.

Similarly if we take ourself and inner wisdom as a part time focus, then the tuning will be weak; again another example of blurred inner vision.
Like an athlete who practises daily, his condition of his body is fully tuned to his sport; we have to do the same.

Your mother; practice makes perfect so dear ones be aware of your potential abilities, hidden away in the mind.