IW070 - Taking Pride in your Abilities


Hello Son,

Taking Pride in your Abilities

A new dawn is approaching and all will be revealed to mankind in stages, some more than others; this all down to you, if you wish to know about your own history and the origins of mankind and how tuned you are.

No two people are alike as the Creator designed according to His Divine plan.

We are not meant to learn by ourselves but through interaction with others; it is the very reason life and your own abilities are very important. They define who we are and even remind ourselves how talented and gifted we all are.

Now the time is to step further onto the path of awakening.

Now sit in silence and ask the Lord to awaken you and feel the energy manifest within your heart and let it circulate around the body. This energy is now awakening all the cells in the body.

Keep your focus and concentrate.

Start from the mind, visualise all your cells in the mind are waking up, like a light bursting open; move around the mind awakening all the cells.

Now move down to the chest and wake, then move further down until you get to the feet, then let this energy discharge from the souls of the feet.

Keep this focus for twenty minutes, in silence and if possible in meditation.

Practice this daily for a week.

Believe; keep your body cleansed and thoughts clear from fear and worries.

Your mother; be part of the new awakening dear light beings you all are.