IW069 - Uniting the world to One Consciousness—The Spirit


Hello Son,

Uniting the world to One Consciousness—The Spirit

If you read the newspaper or on the internet, there is unrest in almost every single country in the world. Man's understanding has never been so low that he has forgotten all values and respect.

Instead it is wasted by quarrelling, plundering and murdering one another, for so called honour; for the sake of my right.

Nations among nations are going to war over what they call human rights when they alone have plundered and murdered their own people.

When a country goes down this road, it is because the foundation and core values have been lost; some people say it is worth fighting for; but the question is it worth dying for, should be asked.

The heartache of losing a child is unbearable, go and ask a mother and father, how they feel and how their lives have been turned upside down.

Real life and emotional and deep incidents take years to heal.

Many people have lost the connection with their spirit and God simply has had enough; for He is in control of many future proposals and plans that have been delayed and cancelled.

Some of you will be disappointed for what is about to happen or not going to happen in your case.

If mankind does not make an effort in spreading peace and not by invasion and with bullets, then more bloodshed will definitely follow.

Oh mankind and humanity from your hearts wake up and see the hurt in the eyes of people, spread love and do not use force.

Find the rose petal of your heart and spread peace and love.

Practice patience and remember some things are never going to be yours so understand through love and humility.

Force leads to more force which leads to an area full of hate. The ethers of dimensional space are torn and polluted in the area; fear looms and cannot be rid immediately.

Heal inside by learning to trust God and loving humanity and one another through trust.

Love each other for what they are; no race or creed cannot change a single event without the consent of the Lord. He exercises love and mercy everyday of the planet's existence. This is His love for you, for many this has been lost.

Listen and listen again to truth that resonates in your heart.

You are all the shining beacons of the world to make this change in peace.

Your mother; in the way of the spirit there is a person who listens carefully and acts upon its wisdom. It resonates and multiplies as no other is hurt but only love is spread to another.