IW068 - Trust and Ridding Fear


Hello Son,

Trust and Ridding Fear

We can discuss forthcoming events and the future, but these will only be words when the mind is not able to settle down.

The heart needs to be heard from a person who listens wholeheartedly; empty words produce little reward, including a person who denies himself the truth of himself.

Trust is a powerful and refined manifestation of the Lord; it has an attribute and quality that expands and keeps expanding to give. This giving never stops as it is infinite as long as the receiver believes and trusts the Lord.

Trust rids fear, uncertainty and any hesitancy.

It rejuvenates and replaces unwanted fear thoughts from the mind and pushes you forward onto a higher path.

When you are in this state, it is wise to get yourself out by reading, watching something positive or even funny. These thoughts and fears will immediately disappear for a while as long as you keep this focus.

The next step is to accept that the world is run on possibilities and probabilities of events and no matter what some of you will not be aware off. So why worry? Forgive and trust that the Lord is providing your needs daily.

Having good friends who understand and who share the same goals are essential; as they feel as you do. There is no shame in receiving support when needed, but a person who is worried about something for a long while is foolish for he did not trust himself to find guidance.

It is the very reason that there are many soothsayers and problem solvers all around the world; for God knows in your troubled state you may not find the answers you are looking for.

The spiritual and fifth dimensional path is understanding yourself in any state of mind; whether it may be in a emotional state or in happiness; but it is the state of balance and how quickly you go back to the source and staying there, tells you how much control you have.

To smile and accept troubled and challenging times shows the maturity of you.

We are all here to learn and accelerate our own progress into the higher realms of thought and thinking where the soul and the Godself reside.

It is time you joined them.

Your mother; you know not if you ignore yourself, so listen with a smile in trust.