IW066 - How the Battle was Won!!!


Hello Son,

How the Battle was Won!!!

The economic climate and the debts that people have accumulated have made many people think.

This activity has caused many people to enter their silence where God resides. Through continuing this activity which we commonly say without thinking deeply about this, we call it ‘soul searching’.

In time many people have been down this road and found another friend in themselves. As time has gone by a connection was made and a new insight was developed.

The birth of a new set of eyes has awakened many people about the corruption of the world and even the lies of the media.

For many years we simply ignored it thinking they were always the truth; for some it genuinely is, but many news articles are just like a sales man wanting you to buy something, which is not needed, but they say ‘you must have it’. They leave you puzzled and they reel you in before we can say or think it through.

Your appetite for truth and knowledge is increasing each day and the Lord has provided this through the internet and books from all sources.

This is your foundation which is developing and soon with further study you will realise the true you.

The final battle and the unlocking of the door is up to you, to rid the ego which feeds your ignorance.

So believe, listen with your heart and be patient; then you will realise that in this silence there is a wisdom that is in you and it will always be for you.

Your mother; the words are not words but are energies waiting for you to put them into action. You are all loved in the heart of the Lord and never forgotten or to be left alone.