IW065 - Keeping the Dream Alive


Hello Son,

Keeping the Dream Alive

…..this can only happen when you bring the thought and put it into action; otherwise it will only stay in your mind and circulate until it fades away.

Thoughts are for a reason, they give wisdom to your life and a purpose; they also give you the insight and even the energy to carry things through in your life.

They inspire millions of people every second to carry their thoughts and see it through and into action.

When we ignore them and deem them worthless, we rid the energy they contain. The energy is lost and no action will be made.

It is our positive intention and trust that makes things happen.

This knowledge I give to you is to make you understand that it is YOU that has the final say in what you do and say. This we call ‘free will’, and the Lord always given this to all of mankind to exercise this based on trust for his creation.

Whether you believe or not the principles are exactly the same.

Oh mankind understand how you function to truly understand the wisdom that is inherent in you.

This year is glorious for so many but it can also be amplified to be even better.

Your mother; decide on your intentions and see it through; when they are positive then the Lord provides angels and guides to help you on the journey.